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About Warrior 1 Project
The Warrior One Project is VIMMIA Activewear’s philanthropic initiative designed to raise and grant funds to charitable organizations…

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The Warrior One Project’s mission is…

About Vimmia
Vimmia is a collection of luxe performance activewear styles developed and designed for the woman who balances life, love, family, fitness and time for her self. After months of research, planning and testing, we are confident we have executed our passionate mission by providing the highest quality fabrics, precision fits, total comfort, forward yet classic styling, and true performance credibility. We’ve also set very high standards for a high degree of social and economic compliance, and strive to keep the vast majority of our production local, under our own supervision and control, to ensure the greatest quality and consistency. We encourage you to incorporate Vimmia into your own passionate missions in this life, and please remember to enjoy your journey and as much as reaching your destination. We celebrate your mission in getting stronger, wiser and healthier on a daily basis as you Unleash Your Life Force!